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The Heritage Conference Centre situated in Rosherville - Johannesburg South has a past worthy of being remembered as a cornerstone within Eskom's humble beginnings. Rosherville itself consists of approximately 240 hectares of land - which started life in the early 1920's as the maintenance workshops and personnel accommodation for the Victoria Falls Power Company.

By the early 1990's - due to more than half a century of tremendous growth in the realisation of power generation capabilities - the Victoria Falls Power Company had moved on to become the Electricity Supply Commission and ultimately Eskom. With the growth, came the expansion in the housing of personnel - both for accommodation as well as offices and recreation facilities and hence Rosherville and its buildings became virtually derelict.

And so it was, that in the early 1990's Rosherville Properties scratched their heads and though long and hard, as to what should become of the property. That had been so vibrant with the clamber and clatter of human activity - moving at a pace just as fast and furious as the growth of the mining village - across the way known as Johannesburg.

The hinges were coming off the doors where once children played. Some of those children destined for great journeys into the unknown while others were to fall on some foreign battlefield. The recreation hall still seemed to echo with the laughter and scandalous gossip of days and people long departed - with now the wooden floorboards creaking of lurking danger if you put a foot wrong.

Rosherville Properties set about undertaking a series of feasibility studies. One study was to decide what should become of the personnel houses - while another study took a hard look at the recreation hall.

Consultants confirmed that the derelict personnel houses should be refurbished into an office park while retaining the same external façade of the houses built at the turn of the century. Ed Miller, the then Managing Director of Rosherville Property included in the village a pub at the outset. Decided that the pub should be known as Kitsons - in fond memory of the locomotive that trundled its way around the Victoria Falls Power Company's ground - offloading its cargo on a daily basis for many, many decades.

As far as the recreation hall was concerned - it was decided that the building should be converted into a conference/meeting facility. However, due to its limited capacity and the need for larger space. The architects designed a middle link for foyer/reception and toilets while attaching a multi-purpose hall to accommodate over 1500 people in cinema seating. It was further recommended that this refurbishment was to be undertaken hand-in-glove with an accessible off-ramp from the main highway.

The result has been a stunning legacy combining the old with the new the Heritage Conference Centre itself remains true to the past - retaining the design of the early 20th century architecture. Offering clients the benefit of a stately atmosphere removed from the pressures of the day.

Although, it could be argued that the siting of the Heritage Conference Centre is not as conducive to the main preponderance of economic activity. It should be borne in mind that the site and its buildings have a character and charm that cannot be found in the new areas of Johannesburg. Eskom personnel at all levels should realise that on this Rosherville land, the true foundation of the organisation was started, moulded and set the stage for the huge organisation, which has resulted in an enviable record on the African continent.

In the initial marketing plans the Heritage Conference Centre was viewed in a different light, as being in an area which is in fact Johannesburg's and indeed Gauteng's pantry. The best of produce and meats emanate a stones throw from Heritage. Overflowing in fine foods that are sent to the four corners of the Country, the Continent and in some instances the world. Where else have you such a pantry with its own inland harbour?

The Heritage Conference Centre is an Eskom heritage to the City's people, in memory of its humble beginnings.

heritage conference centre

Use it well, use it caringly… for it is here that it all began.

To excel the past we must not allow ourselves to lose contact with it;
On the contrary, we must feel it under our feet, because we raised ourselves upon it."
Jose Ortega Y Gusset - December 1949.


Heritage Conference Centre offers you a world of options, each tailored to your specific conference and exhibition needs. Located at Rosherville – just south of Bedfordview, Johannesburg – Heritage Conference Centre captures the essence of the Victorian era. Starting life in the early 1920’s as maintenance workshops and personnel accommodation for the Victoria Falls Power Company, it now stands proud as Heritage Office Park, home to many top companies. As a natural progression, the recreation hall has been refurbished to bring you the Heritage Conference Centre. Staying true to the characteristic style, architecture and ambience of the era, a 1735 square metre hall has been added. Offering clients the comfort of a fully carpeted, air-conditioned venue, catering for as many as 1500 guests, or as few as five. This fine location, with its pressed ceilings, leaves the unmistakable impression of quality and distinguished taste. Adding to the prestige of any business function. From its stately architecture and practical design through to the fine cuisine, Heritage Conference Centre combines the services of fully trained and experienced staff to offer you the standard of service you would expect, adding our professional touch to your function.

heritage conference centre


The following additional services can be arranged on your behalf:

  • Non-standard equipment (data projector, electronic whiteboards, T.V. and VCR etc.)
  • Catering – a choice of scones/mixed pastries/muffins/sandwiches (on request)
  • Non-standard catering (e.g. Kosher / Halaal)
  • Décor (on request only)
  • Entertainment (on request only)
  • Flowers (on request only)
  • Secretarial services (faxing, photocopying, e-mail, typing etc.)