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Heritage Conference Centre offers you a world of options, each tailored to your specific conference and exhibition needs. Located at Rosherville – just south of Bedfordview, Johannesburg – Heritage Conference Centre captures the essence of the Victorian era. Starting life in the early 1920’s as maintenance workshops and personnel accommodation for the Victoria Falls Power Company, it now stands proud as Heritage Office Park, home to many top companies. As a natural progression, the recreation hall has been refurbished to bring you the Heritage Conference Centre. Staying true to the characteristic style, architecture and ambience of the era, a 1735 square metre hall has been added. Offering clients the comfort of a fully carpeted, air-conditioned venue, catering for as many as 1500 guests, or as few as five. This fine location, with its pressed ceilings, leaves the unmistakable impression of quality and distinguished taste. Adding to the prestige of any business function. From its stately architecture and practical design through to the fine cuisine, Heritage Conference Centre combines the services of fully trained and experienced staff to offer you the standard of service you would expect, adding our professional touch to your function.

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The following additional services can be arranged on your behalf:

  • Non-standard equipment (data projector, electronic whiteboards, T.V. and VCR etc.)
  • Catering – a choice of scones/mixed pastries/muffins/sandwiches (on request)
  • Non-standard catering (e.g. Kosher / Halaal)
  • Décor (on request only)
  • Entertainment (on request only)
  • Flowers (on request only)
  • Secretarial services (faxing, photocopying, e-mail, typing etc.)